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Admission to Higher Education Institutions in Slovenia in 2024.

Admission to higher education institutions in Slovenia starts right now! Don’t miss the document submission deadlines and stay updated with the most important information about the admission procedure for foreign students in Slovenia.

Universities in Slovenia offer admission opportunities from late February to mid-September of the upcoming academic year. The first and last days for document submission depend on the educational institution, the level of education applied for (bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate), and the nationality of the applicant.

When is the First Admission Wave for Applicants from Non-European Countries?

The first stage of admission to the first level of the Bologna system – bachelor’s degree – falls between February 20 and March 20 or April 19, depending on the educational institution. By the end of September, lists of admitted applicants are published.

 Are You Finishing School and Obtaining a Diploma in This Academic Year?

For you, there is an additional guarantee of admission. Upon timely application submission, an additional deadline for submitting missing documents is provided, ending on August 1.

What is the Second Admission Wave?

The second admission wave includes the following candidates:

  • Candidates who did not apply during the first round,
  • Candidates who were not admitted to any program in the first round,
  • Candidates who declined participation in the first round.

Are the Admission Deadlines the Same for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees?

The admission deadlines for bachelor’s and master’s degrees are not the same. Typically, application deadlines for master’s programs start and end later than those for bachelor’s programs. Specific admission deadlines will be known in early March.

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