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Choose between classic language courses and online courses to learn Slovenian.

Language courses

Slovenian language courses are perfect for those who want to learn the Slovenian language, get to know the country’s culture, communicate with native speakers, and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of Slovenia. The Slovenian language courses vary in length from 3 months to 1 year. If you are thinking about moving to Slovenia, but have not yet made a final decision, need the Slovenian language for study or work, and/or if you are put off through more expensive programs, then enrolling in Slovenian language courses with the possibility of living in Slovenia is your ideal solution.

About Visa D

It is important to know that you can obtain a long-term Visa D on the basis of language courses, which allows you to stay in Slovenia for a longer period than with a tourist visa. The duration of the Visa D is determined based on the duration of the chosen language courses, but it cannot be less than 3 months and exceed 1 year. The Visa D allows you to reside in Slovenia, as well as move freely throughout the European Union (Schengen). After the expiry of the visa, you can apply for a residence permit in Slovenia based on the basis of education or investment.


To enroll in courses, a package of documents is required, as well as the fully paid tuition of the courses.


All levels of language courses are available for study. (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 in C2)


The prices of language courses depend on their duration and type. Press more for Prices.


Language courses will help you to master the Slovenian language and increase the chance of employment. Courses are the basis for obtaining a long-term visa D.


The courses are held annually. Annual and semi-annual courses are held, as a rule, from October. There are also spring, summer, autumn, and winter courses lasting 3 months.


Contact us and get to choose from highly reputable language schools based in Ljubljana that specialize in teaching Slovenian to foreign citizens.

How we can assist you

We are ready to provide you with comprehensive support in the selection of language schools and programs, enrolment to Slovenian language courses, and assistance with the preparation of documents for the Visa D and tracking the status of your visa. Upon request, it is also possible to get additional services.
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