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Enrollment Procedures in Slovenia

After choosing the educational institution in Slovenia, the admission procedure begins with collecting all the necessary documents. The list of necessary documents is known in February and may differ with each university. Usually, at the beginning of March, the first round for enrollment begins and lasts until June. The second round starts in September and students can apply for the remaining spots in respective university. The admission procedure consists of several stages. The nuances of the admission procedure depend on the type of a university, courses, level of education, citizenship, age, and other characteristics of the applicant. Classes at all universities in Slovenia begin on October 1.

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Foreign Students

Things to know

Any foreign citizen has the right to enroll in any educational institution in Slovenia. A foreign student has to go through a mandatory procedure of nostrification of diploma received for prior education. A number of faculties, which are taught exclusively in Slovenian, may require certificates proving a sufficient level of Slovenian language. With a limited number of spots for foreign students, enrollment is based on the previous success rating (based on the results from the diploma from previous education). All documents submitted for the admission procedure must be translated to Slovenian.

How we can assist you

We provide full support and consult on admissions to any educational institution in Slovenia. Our assistance is comprehensive, and we listen to each client in order to be able to help with choosing the right university and faculty. We collect and organize the full package of documents, make sure all necessary documents are properly translated into the Slovenian language, and act as a representative in all procedures for the nostrification of the diploma. After submitting the full package of documents for enrollment, we stay in direct communication with the university to ensuring a smooth procedure and maximize the chance of enrollment.

Analysis of documentation and consultations
Help with selection of study program
Assitance with translations of documents
Collection and submission of documents to universities
Organisation and overview the whole enrolment process
After successful enrolment we assist with residence permit

Here you will find answers to most frequently asked questions

What is the maximum number of programs I can choose in 1 faculty?

You can choose 3 programs in undergraduate studies and 2 programs for the master’s studies.                              


I graduated from a university and have a specialist diploma. What level of education can be recognized from my diploma under the Bologna system?

It depends on the number of hours and courses you studied during 5 years of study at the university. As a rule, specialist degrees in Slovenia are recognized as the second level of education or master’s degree.

Can I enroll to a university in Slovenia without knowing the Slovenian language?

Yes, you can. Most of the faculties do not have a mandatory requirement of knowledge of the Slovenian language. In addition, there are a number of universities who have faculties that are taught in English.

Having enrolled in the Slovenian language courses, do I receive the same student status as enrolling to a university?

Admission to the language courses gives you the opportunity to obtain a long-term visa D, while with enrolling in an educational institution you receive a residence permit which gives you additional student rights and privileges, as well as the right to work in Slovenia.

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