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Who We Are

Education Star is a professional education consultancy assisting with enrollment to educational institutions, student residence permits, and accommodation for all students who want to study in Slovenia.  The team consists of multilingual (speaking Russian, English, and Slovenian) experts specialized in the field of European education and immigration with extensive experience in working with foreign students, providing quality and affordable assistance. We help everyone who wants to fulfill their dream of getting a European education and moving to one of the most picturesque countries of the European Union – Slovenia. Education Star is an independent brand of the company Infinity Group LLC.

Our Mission

Our mission is to move boundaries and help you achieve what you have never dared to do before. Deciding to study abroad and move to another country is not the easiest decision, which is why we are here to provide you with maximum support and assistance on the way to your dream. Invest in your future today!

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Our Team

Jaka Skorjanc

Jaka S.

Jaka Skorjanc
Jennifer Dunn

Jana S.

Jennifer Dunn
Nadezhda NormovaConsultant

Nadezhda N.

Nadezhda Normova

Why us?

Our team consists of specialists with vast experience in assisting foreign students, providing consultations and legal assistance along the way. We have a personal approach to each student. We gather and submit your documents for enrollment and residence permit, overlooking all processes. For a seamless transition, we also help to find you a new home in Slovenia. Despite the extensive package of services and individual work with each client, our services are still affordable and flexible. Why choose us? Because we are here for you and we care! Also because we are flexible, affordable, and were once in your shoes.

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