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About the Courses

We have prepared completely new online Slovenian courses for you so that you can start learning the language from the comfort of your home. It is suitable for people of all ages. The course program is carefully selected and tailor-made depending on the goal of each individual.
It is a modern system for learning the Slovenian language, providing an opportunity to study from anywhere in the world.

online slovenian language courses

Program Information

Our program consists of various modules, depending on the type of courses chosen. Depending on the purpose of studies, the programs are divided into programs for schoolchildren and students, programs for adults, and special business programs. According to the form of the educational process, the programs are divided into individual, group, and courses in pairs. An individual can choose between basic and advanced levels.
For both levels duration of courses varies between 30, 60, and 90 hours. Despite the chosen program, work is carried out individually with each student. The number of people in the group does not exceed six, as we strive to achieve great results with our students

Schoolchildren & Students

The program is specially designed for schoolchildren and students for whom the Slovenian language is necessary for successful study in educational institutions.                             

Adult Programs

Any adult in Slovenia, within the framework of this program, will gain knowledge and experience of the spoken Slovenian language for easy understanding and communication.                                             

Business Programs

Designed to study the Slovenian language through business terms, those who want to get employed in Slovenia or get more proficient in Slovenian while running business will benefit from the program.

Classic Group Prices

30 Hours

Basic course, basic concepts, reading skills, spelling, general understanding of the logic Slovenian language.       

Price: 300

60 Hours

The optimal course for getting to know the Slovenian language, in addition to reading and spelling, improving communication skills, general understanding of the main topics necessary for communication and life.

Price: 550

90 Hours

Detailed study of the topics of the course, individual work on the analysis of errors, additional topics (optional), gives a deeper understanding of the Slovenian language and provides a basis for further independent study.

Price: 800

Find out prices for group, business, and individual online courses.

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