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Residence Permit by Education

Admission to one of the accredited educational institutions in Slovenia is the basis for obtaining a student residence permit in Slovenia. The residence permit is issued for the period of study and gives you the opportunity to live, study and work in Slovenia. Confirmation of admission is one of the main documents for applying to the authorized body for the issuance of a residence permit card. Other documents required to obtain a student residence permit are proof of non-criminal record, proof of funds, and insurance. After submitting the required package of documents, you can expect the readiness of your residence permit within 2-3 weeks. A residence permit based on education must be extended each year of your study, providing confirmation of the continuation of studies in the next academic year.

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Why Slovenian Residency?

Residence permit status in Slovenia gives you the right to live, study and work in Slovenia. With a Slovenian residence permit, you can also move freely throughout the European Union (Schengen Area). Slovenia also provides many advantages for students coming from abroad, in contrast to other European countries. A residence permit based on education is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to obtain a residence permit and move to Slovenia. After five year period of residence in Slovenia, you can apply for a permanent residence.

How can we assist you?

We are ready to provide you with full and comprehensive support with enrollment to the educational institution of your choice and obtaining a residence permit. We will guide you through all stages: from making a choice about an educational institution, admissions procedures to successfully obtaining a residence permit. In addition, we are also ready to provide assistance with accommodation for a care-free relocation.

The main package of our services for obtaining a residence permit based on education includes:

Consultations about the procedure
Simple oral and written translations
Preparation and submission of documents for a residence permit
Tracking the status of residence permit
Accompanying the client when visiting government bodies
Assistance with obtaining tax number

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